We begin your roofing project by joining you in your office or on site to assess your needs and learn more about your roofing plans. We then work with you to identify potential opportunities for saving money while helping you determine short-and-long-term maintenance, repair and/or replacement plans. Our ultimate objective is to develop an understanding of your strengths and problems, and to determine which roofing system will improve the effectiveness of your roofing efforts. Understanding what you need, before commiting to a particular roofing system is crucial for reliable, long-term roof performance.

After establishing your needs, RN focuses on the roofing system that will meet these needs. We install a complete roofing system, which encompasses the membrane, insulation, flashings, details, and any other requirements to properly attach system to the building. Each building is unique and requires individual plans. RN will work with you to determine your objective, and carefully investigate your building and roof environment. Using this information, we'll consider a variety of options before recommending the most appropriate roofing system(s). We train our craftsmen to install a broad range of systems, and provide high quality materials for our projects.