Minnesota is one of the most complicated environments to live in. Within this environment we have to deal with the consequences of snow and ice. Regardless if this is a good thing or bad, one thing is for sure, it is one of the most destructive and dangerous elements to your roof system. Not only does snow and ice start to rapidly deteriorate your roof system, it can also seriously injure someone when the ice brakes away from your facility.

Evaluate the simple expense of snow and ice removal vs. the alternative. Your average commercial roof system cost 10's or even 100's of thousands of dollars to replace. Snow and ice can drastically reduce the life span of your roof system, resulting in premature failure. This failure is preventable by removing snow and ice from your drains, scuppers and downs. But most of all it can prevent major injuries from occurring. Contact us now to have the peace of mind your roof system is protected from premature failure and the people you care for are safe.